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I’m getting my ass knocked over sideways on Bayonetta because I’m trying to be a perfectionist and not use any healing items for an entire stage ‘cause they deduct points from your overall score.  I keep fucking up the first Grace & Glory fight, then the pair of Fearless afterwards keep taking a bite out of my tits, then it’s Grace & Glory: The Squeakquel, so with the remaining HP I have left over after killing them, I die one or two fights later.  The farthest I’ve ever gotten was Grace & Glory: 3rd Strike Online Edition and that was last night.

Being good at games is hard but this game is so fucking great, I ain’t even mad.

beautifulhalo--angelia asked:

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You want me to promo your shit and you don’t even have the common fucking decency to subscribe to Power-Up Party?  SMH, no church in the wild.

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