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Man, HUGE respect to anybody who can play fighting games competitively. I just spend about 35 minutes on Narukami’s Challenge Mode and 30 of those were mainly for trying to pull off Challenge 14 successfully multiple times. And that’s only a 5-move combo.

The deeper I go, the greater appreciation I have for anything and everything that goes on at EVO each year.

I’m getting all kinds of hype with Persona 4 Arena Ultimax tonight and I’m trying out the new characters.

Adachi is fun.
Marie seems okay.
Rise is kawaii as fuck and fun.
Sho goes hard as fuck and has absolutely no chill, definition of ruthless, can’t even flex a single muscle with him out.

Still need to try out Minazuki (Persona Sho), Ken & Koromaru, Yukari, and Junpei, but I’m really loving it so far and having a blast.

“When Rainn’s on the exercise ball bouncing up and down, and I come over and I stab it with the scissors. In every other take we did, I stabbed it and it just slowly goes down. And the camera angle was that he just slowly ducked behind the thing and it was incredible. On the last take they were like “do one more.” And I remember going over and I went “boom”! And I must have hit the seam or something. And it exploded. He hit the ground as hard as I’ve ever seen a human hit the ground. If you go back and watch that episode, I just dive out because I am crying laughing.” - John Krasinski 

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